Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at Altaire at Millenia


You enjoyed the heat of the summer and the fourth of July festivities; now, its time for costumes, Halloween, and thanksgiving. How do you plan to decorate your Altaire at Millenia apartment to fit the fall season themes? You can still get the most modern and refreshing ideas at almost no extra cost. Here are a few;

Fall Decor You Need

You cannot possibly miss the fall trend of scattering cushions and throws in autumnal colors over a wooden couch. Find burned orange and foliage-filled throw pillows, perfect for bedrooms or if you want to give your living room a little more autumnal feel. Then, switch out a few pillow covers to create a new seasonal appearance.

Try These DIY Projects This Season

Who says you need to splurge for your fall apartment décor! With simple DIY trends, you can do the most at minimum costs.

Warm layered lighting

What better way to make your apartment living feel cozy in the autumn than to greet your home with gentle, pleasant lighting? Layer traditional candlesticks with LED lights or fairy lights for a more fascinating arrangement that feels especially seasonal. Popular alternatives for the season include wooden and black metal lanterns with neutral LED candles that offer a relaxing glow to entryways and homes.

Magnolia Wreath in Metal

The only component of this homemade wreath is painted magnolia leaves. Spray paint dry magnolia leaves in a range of shiny hues to create this simple autumn craft. You can either gather some yourself or buy them online. Once you’ve attached them to a basic wreath form, you’re done.

Step into the cozy season with style

Just as you update your wardrobe for fall, think about updating your home. You will feel more open to entertaining and enjoying the cozy spaces in your apartment when you feel in season. Inspiration for fall décor is everywhere!